Comrades in the Struggle and Citizens of Southern Cameroons!

For the past fifty years, our country has been under a punitive regime of occupation that has transformed our homeland into a bastion of economic deprivation and political terror. This regime has functioned with the silence of the International community, the support of external donors and sadly with the collaboration of a cross section of our population. Acquiescence-while often the easier way-is not the moral way.  The oppressed should never allow the conscience of the oppressor to slumber.

While Paul Biya grows older and greyer with each passing month his young cubs sharpen their claws and continuously pose an existential threat to our right to govern ourselves. With each passing day it is evident that La Republique du Cameroun upon Biya’s passing will move to finally and completely suppress, plunder and enslave Southern Cameroons. This is even truer as evident in the rhetoric and policies of the regime

Therefore it is incredible that some Southern Cameroonians speak of peaceful engagement and business as usual with a regime whose defined policy is occupational consolidation and its weapon of choice the barrel of the gun. It is time our people look at the reality of our struggle, the demographic shift in our land in favour of the occupier and begin to form cells for self defense for our liberation.

While in Biya’s dungeon over a decade ago it became evident to me that we could never go back to La Republique. It wasn’t about the physical torture I was subjected to. It was about the way we as a people are perceived by not only the regime but by its people. We are perceived as tools that can be shaped to any size for the interest of the regime. We are considered as objects of ridiculed and a simple barometer with which to measure the superior culture of La Republique du Cameroun. The only solution is independence and revolution.  Therefore in 2013 we must rally together and drive out the forces of repression and oppression before we are led like lambs to the terrible slaughter that awaits the meek and unwary.

The final battle awaits us. We must be resolute in our effort, more determined than before and be ready to sacrifice for our homeland. There is no greater gift than fighting to defend values and norms that are sacred to your existence.

I will provide the leadership needed at this moment of dire need and I want to assure you of our determination to write the last chapter of this regime in our homeland

The Sun – President of GoSC


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